What is Double Cleansing?

Once upon a time, we all believed that a healthy skincare routine was nothing more than washing our faces with soap and water (...let’s be real, some of us still believe this). But the truth is that after you’ve spent a full day with or without makeup walking through polluted city air, toiling under artificial breeze, heading out for a #selfcare drink and touching your face with the same hand that you just used to pick up your phone off of the restaurant table that has been “sanitized” with unknown liquid? The gunk and grime are real… and soap and water may not be your best bet.

Introducing ✨Double Cleansing✨

Double Cleansing quite literally means cleansing your face twice, using two different solutions, particularly during your night-time routine. It’s best used after you wear sunblock and moisturizer (which should be daily 👀), and especially after you wear makeup. But why? Modern facialists believe that it is better to do two quick, gentle cleanses than one long stressful cleanse that tries to remove everything.

Here’s an even simpler breakdown for the people in the back:

First Cleanse (Oil Cleanser) ➡️ does the heavy lifting of dirt, sebum, makeup, sunblock, moisturizer and unclogs pores

Second Cleanse (Water based Cleanser) ➡️ washes all the gunk away

The idea of double cleansing started with the emergence of the 10-step Korean Skin Care Routine, which insists that the BEST way to double cleanse is to start with an OIL CLEANSER, followed by a water based cleanser. That’s where KoKo Moon comes in. 

KoKo Moon Cleansing Oil a lightweight oil blend that is carefully curated from ethically sourced organic oils for the sole purpose of leaving your skin clean, soft and moisturized. The combination of sunflower oil, safflower oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil and vitamin E oil makes it the best cleansing oil for all skin types. It helps to minimize the appearance of pores, lighten blemishes, repair damaged skin, kill acne causing bacteria, balance oil production and even removes the most stubborn waterproof makeup. 

But What If I Have Oily Skin? Why Would I Use Oil To Get Rid of Oil?

We get it! It sounds redundant (and slightly absurd) to add more oil to oily skin. But here’s the tea – oil cleansers can actually help to balance your skin’s oil production. 

The oils in KoKo Moon Cleansing Oil mimic the oil that your skin naturally produces. Cleansing oils hydrate your skin, which discourages the overproduction of its own oil. You’re basically giving your skin the moisture it needs and teaching it not to overcompensate itself… because you’re creating a happy and healthy space for it!

So in short: Double Cleansing is not being extra. It’s quicker, more hygienic, gentler and better for your skin… especially when KoKo Moon is involved. 😉 

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